My name is Deepak Kandepet. Professionally, I help make ads relevant for one of the biggest search engines in the world. When not working (and when my twins let me), I love to dabble with everything from Linux kernel, TCP/IP stack, high performance computing and recently a lot of web-programming. I have a background in electronics & communication along with computer science which helps me understand not just the software side of things, but delve deep into the heart of the hardware.

I am also an entrepreneur in the making and co-founded couple of companies: preplr.com, samefeather.com.

For fun, I play tennis. I also hold an Amateur Radio License and occasionally you can hear me hamming as K7LMN.

On kandepet.com I document my foray into the world of my hobbies. Most of the writings here are merely for my own recall, but do let me know if anything here has been useful to you.

On the side, I am a gear owl. I am always on the lookout for the next big gadget/gear. I am a 5 star backerclub member and a frequent backer on kickstarter with investments in over 350 projects. I also review and write about many of them at gearowl.com